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Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning Service

Does your family have old forgotten 35mm Kodachrome slides or slide carousels stowed away and collecting dust in a closet? What good are memories if you can’t see and share them!  We will provide you with the highest quality 35 mm slide scanning you can find.
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How to mail order your Slide Scanning

Place your order and pay by mail
Print out and complete our order form and send it with your slides
Download the Order Form


Place your order and pay online
Pay online, print out and complete our order form then send it with your slides
Order and Pay Online
Package your slides
Take care when packaging your slides. We recommend double boxing them and using bubble wrap.
IF YOU PAID ONLINE: include or copy of your receipt or include an order form with your order number written in.
FREE Shipping to our lab
Print out the Postage Paid mailing label and affix to your package
Download the Postage Paid mailing label
Mail the package to us
You can drop your package in any mailbox, or hand it to your mail carrier.
Don’t worry, we’ll send your originals back to you!

What is Slide Scanning?

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What you need to know

  • Only 35mm or ASP format slides are accepted
  • To keep the original size of the print, we scan at 300dpi.  JPG is out output file format
  • Compressed air is used to clean your slides
  • Slides are rotated when necessary
  • The outputted image is cropped to remove borders
  • A folder is created for each carousel or protective sheet

Can’t print the order form or shipping label?

Simply complete the Request Mailer Form or contact us and we will mail them to you.

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